Designing an Effective Script

Script is the most important part of any telemarketing campaign. Rather than reading script word-by-word, we suggest a more engaging approach where script is just a guideline for telemarketers to structure their pitch.

A script gives telemarketers an overview of how a call should progress. For new campaigns, script is very important so that telemarketers know what to say. A good script can make a big difference in your sales pitch

There are a few steps based you should consider when developing telemarketing script for your call center.

  1. A sales script is a living document, constantly adapting. Involve your sales team in designing and optimizing the script. Treat their feedbacks seriously - they are the pros.
  2. Include simple script to bypass gatekeepers so that telemarketers can connect directly to the person in charge. Do not include too much details or explanation - which makes your call sounds like a sales pitch; some receptionists have strict instructions not to connect salespeople.
  3. To deliver results, telemarketers should be able to attract customers’ attention. Identify the selling point of your products and problems customers face. Mention them early in the script.
  4. Customize script to different target audiences. E.g. if you are targeting education centres, use words like enrolment and students instead of sales and customers.
  5. Take constant feedbacks from telemarketers and improve the scripts accordingly.
  6. When you are unsure which version of script to use, you can always do an A/B test. Use the one which gives best results!

In telemarketing, it’s important to be engaging. Telemarketers should be able to capture clients’ attention and relate to them - something which may not be possible to include in script. Here are the best practices in choosing telemarketers.

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