Best Practices for Lead Generation


All marketing campaigns start with a list of leads. There are two popular ways to generate leads - crawling from online directories or buying from database providers.

Choose the industry that you would like to target

Regardless of your options, you will need to decide which industry to target. Targeting the right industry is very important for a successful telemarketing campaign.

Here are some points to help you determine the right industry.

  • Which industry are most of your customers from?
  • Are you targeting niche market or general?
  • In your targeted industry, are you targeting companies of certain size?

Do you need to buy a database?

Advantage of buying leads from database provider - they may contain information not available publicly. E.g. name of key executives and their direct contact. In addition, it may contain more detailed industrial segmentation.

However, the effectiveness of paid database can be limited by the following:

  • Inaccurate Data
    Maintaining accuracy of database is expensive; that’s why a lot of paid databases contain inaccurate data. Such inaccuracies can significantly affect productivity of telemarketers.
  • Too Much Circulation
    Telemarketing value of a database decreases every time it is sold/circulated to another party. When a key person is bombarded by telemarketing messages every day, it comes to a point when the person just reject all calls. A frequently circulated database can result in very high rejection rate.

Accurate lead database is very important for any marketing effort. So, it makes sense to spend time to ensure that it is as accurate as possible. 

Best Practices

In centVoice, we recommend our clients to crawl data from public listings for their Business-to-Business telemarketing campaigns. Then, build the most updated databases by calling to qualify leads and obtain information required. We find that this is a more cost effective and accurate way to build your contacts vs paid databases.

Business-to-Consumer telemarketing campaigns are more highly regulated under Singapore Personal Data Protection Act. Hence, we recommend clients to build database from scratch by conducting surveys at various places/events. To avoid unnecessary PDPA issues, remember to seek customers’ consent to send marketing materials by adding a consent form.

Ensure enough leads for telemarketing campaign

Full-time telemarketers working in an efficient call centre can make 1500-2000 connected calls per month. Do ensure enough number of leads so that your telemarketing campaign is not disrupted.

Follow Up with your Leads

Telemarketing value of leads obtained is highest while they are still “hot”. So give them a follow up call as soon as possible. Here are the best practices for following up with clients.


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