Best Practices for Choosing Telemarketers


Your telemarketing campaign is as good as your telemarketers - the better they are, the higher is your success rate.

Good telemarketers should have the following attributes:

  1. Voice
    Obviously first impression counts. In telemarketing, customers from first impression from the voice. An energetic and pleasant one would be refreshing! Telemarketers who are monotonously reading from the script is certainly a no.

  2. Listening Skills
    Script is a good tool for telemarketers to organize their pitch. Relying too much on it, however, would result in customers not being "heard". Have you raised a concern but your friend gives you a standard response without showing empathy? You know what it means - low rate of closing.

  3. Persistence
    People say no either because they do not need the service or they do not understand the value. Being persistent does not mean forcing people who do not need your service - rather, show customers how your service can add value to their businesses. Constantly relate your service to their needs/problems - that's persistent.

  4. Discipline
    Try doing telemarketing for one hour and most people will be faced with call reluctance - a condition which they just want to get away from the phone. Good telemarketers usually have good discipline - they do not take unnecessary break, start and end calls on time. By enforcing the discipline, managers can increase telemarketers' productivity.

Next you can look at how to craft an effective script for your telemarketing campaign.

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